Team Condev training for the Kokoda Challenge


The Kokoda Youth Program
The Kokoda Youth Program

First Aid Accident & Emergency are proud supporters of local programs on the Gold Coast, this year marks the 10th anniversary that we have supported the Kokoda Youth Program and the Kokoda Challenge.kokoda challenge

Scott Whimpey, FAAE director, 10 year Kokoda competitor and first aid adviser, visited the Kokoda Youth Program on the weekend to share knowledge on injury management, nutrition and vital tips on how to get through this grueling challenge.

Kokoda Kids starting the BEEP test
Kokoda Kids starting the BEEP test

Scott’s workshop was one of many on the day and aimed at teaching the youth program important skills for hiking for over 30 hrs on trails and steep terrain.

“We love the way it changes the young people and puts life and challenges into perspective,” Scott says.

FAAE also sponsored the Kokoda Kids with vital first aid kits for their upcoming 12 months in the program.

This is the only program of its type in Australia, teaching kids about our Kokoda spirit and our heritage from the Kokoda Track in PNG and the battles of WW2.

Scott and Team CONDEV 1 for the 2017 Kokoda Challenge
Scott and Team CONDEV 1 for the 2017 Kokoda Challenge

If you need advice or first aid equipment for the Kokoda Challenge, have a look at our Kokoda Products here

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