Having a defibrillator can increase the chance of survival by up to 70%

First Aid Accident & Emergency are Australia’s leading Defibrillator Supplier. With over 15 year’s experience, we can help you choose the right Defibrillator at wholesale prices.

Official defibrillator supplier to parkrun Australia and the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games.

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Why choose our Defibrillator Bundles ?

3 reasons you should talk to us before purchasing a life saving AED.

1. Competitive Pricing

As a Premium Partner to STRYKER, we can offer wholesale pricing direct.

2. Free Support and Advice

With 15 year’s experience, we will help you choose the right AED and support you for the life of your AED.

3. Complete Bundle Packs

A complete Bundle designed for Australian workplaces. Bundles include: Wall Cabinet or Pelican case, Training, Signage, AED prep pack and a Monthly AED checklist.

Our Defibrillator saves a life at Mullum Mullum parkrun in 2018

As the defibrillator supplier and training organisation for parkrun Australia, First Aid Accident & Emergency have had success in saving 2 lives in 2018. Brett Orpwood was resuscitated by our defibrillator and the training we provided to the parkrun community.

This is his story:
In December 2017, 2 days before Christmas, Brett Orpwood was running in the Mullum Mullum parkrun event in Victoria with his 8-year-old son, when he collapsed and went into cardiac arrest. Thankfully, our organisation provided a training video on CPR and the use of the new Defib for the parkrun team. The CR PLUS defibrillator had only been supplied by First Aid Accident & Emergency 2 months prior and was used on Brett in the first few minutes, saving his life. Since his near death experience, Brett has been a staunch advocate of defibrillators in sporting communities and events.

Defibrillator used on our student in first aid course

There’s nothing like a real life scenario to test out your first aid skills – our students and qualified First Aid Trainer got exactly that on Thursday 29th October 2016, during a standard First Aid and CPR Training Course at First Aid Accident and Emergency’s Varsity Lakes headquarters.

Forty-six year old sailing club volunteer- Peter Cary was one of the 20 attendees of the FAAE First Aid course, when he suddenly started displaying some typical symptoms of a heart attack. Ironically, this happened during a role-play session in the first aid course where students were practicing their newly acquired First Aid skills on each other.

Quick thinking and access to a workplace defibrillator, saved Peter’s life – This is his story