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Defibrillator for Zumba Classes


Sharon Howlin is a Zumba instructor here on the Gold Coast and knows the importance of being prepared, and having quick access to a defibrillator. Sharon had a heart scare last year just after a class and decided to start saving for her own personal defibrillator. The Zumba classes she takes are mostlly for the elderly and she feels safer with access to a AED at the site.

“Most places we run the Zumba classes dont have a defibrillator, and if they do its locked away” Sharon said.

After training with First Aid Accident & Emergency for years, Sharon was told about our Defibrillator specials on now and jumped into action, purchasing a a new HeartSine 360p defibrillator and saving over $400.

We congratulate Sharon for her forward thinking and we know your in good hands with the new defibrillator and the right training.

If you would like to join our team and become a heart safe business- Call us about training or a defibrillator for your business now on 07 55205068 and check out our amazing AED SUPERSTORE HERE