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Defib Saves Yellow Wiggle



HeartSine Defibrillator Saves Yellow Wiggle

Greg Page the Yellow Wiggle, had his life saved over the weekend thanks to a defibrillator, CPR and some quick-thinking bystanders.

This incident further highlights the unpredictability of cardiac arrest and the importance of portable defibrillators when it comes to survival.

Friday night saw the original Wiggles get together for a bush fire relief concert held at Castle Hill RSL. The 18+ gig was a chance for grown-up Wiggles fans to see their childhood favourites on stage once again all while raising much-needed funds for a good cause.

Unfortunately, as the show came to a close, Page collapsed as he walked off stage. Bystanders performed CPR for approximately 20 minutes while waiting for paramedics to arrive. One of the bystanders used the RSL’s HeartSine Defibrillator on Page, with three shocks being administered to keep his heart going. The Yellow Wiggle is now in a stable condition recovering in Westmead Hospital.

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The chances of surviving Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) are significantly increased when a defibrillator is used during resuscitation compared to when CPR is used alone. This is why the team at FAAE encourages all workplaces, schools and other public spaces to seriously consider purchasing a defib.

The bystander that used the defibrillator on Page was an off-duty nurse—but this doesn’t mean medical training is required to be able to use a defib! NSW Ambulance Commissioner, Dominic Morgan, expressed how simple defibrillators are to use and stressed that you don’t need to be medically trained to operate one in an emergency. Defibrillators are designed to provide the rescuer with clear and easy-to-follow instructions, ensuring that anyone can use one.

Here at FAAE, we encourage all clubs and businesses to learn CPR and invest in a defibrillator.

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