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Are your Electricians Trained in First Aid?

electricityThe Gold Coast is one of the fastest growing cities in Australia with a lot of tradies moving to the Sunshine State to make the most of the booming building industry. With this influx of workers out on building sites or residential sites it is essential that your staff and contractors are equipped to handle any first aid incidents.

One of the most popular and relevant courses we offer at First Aid Accident and Emergency is the Low Voltage Rescue & CPR training. This course is specifically designed for electrical workers, spotters and trade assistants.

The Low Voltage Rescue & CPR Training course, the participants will understand:

  • Electrical safety
  • Risk assessment
  • How to demonstrate low voltage safety procedures
  • How to manage electrical injuries
  • Conduct CPR
  • Handle major injuries
Our qualified trainers conduct the training course either on site at our training facility or offsite at the actual construction site. Training at the actual work site assists with demonstrating real life scenarios and putting the first aid training into practice.Upon completion of this course, the participants will receive the safety ticket that day. The Electrical Safety Office requires the accredited units which are provided in this course.First Aid Accident and Emergency has established a reputation as one of the best First Aid Training facilities on the Gold Coast and as with our other First Aid courses, we offer group discounts.For more information on our Low Voltage Rescue and CPR course, click here.