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A Quacker of a Story

Side profile of a ducks head

In May 2018, Alison dragged her husband John to a CPR and First Aid course with First Aid Accident & Emergency (FAAE). As they lived on a massive 5 acre property, Alison wanted to be sure John could look after her if anything happened; as a swim coach for over 15 years, Alison knew the vital importance of CPR and First Aid so John was pretty sure she could look out for him, but in an emergency situation Alison wanted to be sure that John could do the same for her.

They never could have guessed that they would put their training into action so soon – and on so unlikely a candidate.

We now meet the hero/victim of the story – Alfie the duck. Alfie (along with her 7 sisters) lived the high life. They resided in a magnificent, custom built shed known as the ‘JJ Hilton’. They went for walks during the day (over the hill and far away) and came back at night for food, water and cuddles. All except for Alfie – as the resident rebel of the family, Alfie sometimes spent the night away from home. Every duck needs her space sometimes.

One day, John noticed Alfie flying over the dam. She suddenly dropped, as if she had hit something high, and fell into the dam like a sack of lead. John called out to Alison and they rushed to the scene.

“Immediately after Alfie’s accident, John called me and as I came out all the other ducks were walking Alfie home,” Alison recounted. “John held her neck and legs whilst I secured a bandage, followed by cling wrap.”

That’s right – cling wrap.

As part of First Aid Accident & Emergency’s training, the multiple uses of cling wrap are advocated and demonstrated in how they can help in an emergency situation. It’s great for broken bones and keeping a limb immobile until further assistance can be provided.

“The thing that stood out to me in Garry’s training was the use of cling wrap!” Alison exclaimed. “Who needs anything else! At my next grocery shop, I bought a 100m roll of the stuff – two Olympic swimming pool’s worth!”

When Alison saw the damage to Alfie’s wing, she immediately remembered the cling wrap skills she was taught at FAAE.

“John held her neck and legs whilst I secured a bandage followed by the cling wrap,” said Alison. “Alfie was then kept in JJ Hilton for over a week and separated from the others in case they caused further damage. Her recovery is coming along really well and her wing barely droops. I never would have known to do this if it hadn’t been for the FAAE First Aid course.”

Alfie is a lucky duck and this experience has affected her profoundly, as she now meekly comes home with her sisters every night. It’s a great example of how versatile first aid can be in a pinch.

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Alfie recovering after her First Aid treatment