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A Letter to Mum

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Dear Mum,

This is a just a little note that may help you out a bit.

Last night I choked on a bit of a carrot at dinner time and I wanted you to know that It wasn’t your fault.

You had cooked the carrot just right and you did not know that I was going to put more in my mouth as soon as you turned away to help out my big brother Harry who had spilled his drink all over the table.

You did not know that sometimes when we babies choke we don’t make any noise, which is why I started banging on my high chair to let you know.

You did not know that when I saw the panic in your face and heard you scream out that it startled me and that’s when I started to worry.

You did not know that when you picked me up so quickly the food got stuck even further.

You also did not know that Aunty Bev, who was at the dinner table with us, had completed a Baby First Aid course for my cousin Frankie and knew exactly what to do to get me breathing again.

But now you know all of this and know that it’s okay to be scared when something happens to me, but there are people out there who can help you and show you what to do.

Just like you show me what to do every day.

Love Jessica x

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