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Choosing the right First Aid Kits for Work Vehicles

Choosing the right First Aid Kits for Work Vehicles

If you are using a vehicle for work, then this is considered a workplace, employers must ensure they manage risks for all workers. Did you know this means that a first aid kit is required in a work vehicle?
If you are the driver of the work vehicle, then you are also required to minimize potential injuries by having first-aid supplies readily available.

The boss or Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU) that utilizes vehicles, it’s essential to take reasonable measures to manage the risks associated with them, whether they are used on public roads or private property.As a vehicle operator, you must ensuring that first aid equipment is readily available and accessible to all workers.

Choose a First Aid Kit for your work vehicle

Vehicle first aid kits are important for work vehicles

When looking at first aid kits for your work vehicle, consider the type of work and how and where the vehicle is used.

Look at the following risks for vehicle use:

  • Identify potential sources of injuries arising from the nature of the work, including specific routes, distances traveled, and time of day the vehicle is used.
  • Consider environmental factors, such as road and weather conditions, traffic, etc.
  • Assess the scope of vehicle usage, capacity, and location when not in operation.

As an example, here is an Australian complian first aid kit for your vehicle 

Ensure that your drivers and other staff receive accredited first aid training on how to use the items in the first aid kit and how to respond in case of a serious injury or illness during travel. Also, provide drivers with reliable communication equipment and ensure they know how to contact emergency services.

Emergency Pluss app

We find the Emergency Pluss app ideal for all workers in vehicles.

The Workplace Health and Safety Regulation 2011 gives a guide for all the minimum requirements for a first aid kit in a work vehicle, these guidelines include:

  • A sufficient quantity of first aid equipment suitable for the work and the number of employees.
  • Clearly signed or labeled and easily accessible to all employees.
  • Maintained and restocked regularly, and the contents of the kit must not be past their expiry date.

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