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Defibrillator AED Mobile Bundle, HeartSine 360P

Defibrillator AED Mobile Bundle, HeartSine 360P



HeartSine 360p Defibrillator AED Mobile Bundle

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SKU: DFBHS360-1-1-1


This waterproof / mobile Defibrillator Bundle comes with the HeartSine 360p fully automatic Defibrillator, and is the toughest and most durable bundle for travelling and outdoor use.
FAAE have been Australia’s No#1 trusted AED supplier for over 10 years and supplied Australian workplaces, including the GC 2018 Commonwealth Games and parkrun.

The HeartSine® 360P AED Mobile Bundle comes packed in a waterproof safe case and has everything needed in an emergency, including the waterproof  safe case and patient prep kit.

Specially designed for use in all conditions, the HeartSine® Samaritan® PAD 360P Defibrillator can be used by anyone and is super lightweight at 1.1kg. The HeartSine 360p defibrillator design is easy-to-operate and durable with voice and visual prompts, helping the user through pad placement and CPR in an emergency.

AED Value Pack Includes:

  • 360P HeartSine Automatic Defibrillator
  • IP65 Waterproof safe case (34.5cm wide x 29.5cm high x 15.4cm deep)
  • AED Patient Preparation Kit includes: Razor, CPR mask, gloves,  shears, and skin wipes
  • Monthly Defibrillator checklist
  • Soft Shell Carry Case
  • AED sticker
  • Online instructional use video
  • 8 Years Defibrillator Warranty
  • 8 Years customer support

Defibrillator Key Features:

  • Compact and lightweight
  • 8-year Defibrillator warranty
  • Easy-to-use with clear voice prompts and simple graphics
  • Low ongoing cost: pad and battery 4 year’s and $249 to replace
  • Escalating energy 150j to 200j
  • IP rating 56 
  • Verbal/Audio CPR coaching
  • Metronome for keeping consistent CPR compressions pace
  • Free courtesy reminder service on pad and battery replacement


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